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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Excessively large, drooping breasts may result in symptoms such as back, neck, and shoulder pain, skin irritation, shoulder grooving or bruising from bra straps, difficulty or pain with exercise, and arm numbness. Women report difficulty finding clothes which fit and support properly, problems with fitting into airplane or car seats, difficulty with sitting in narrow restaurant booths and feeling self conscious in a variety of situations. Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin, fat and breast tissue to produce a breast shape and size in proportion with your body and to alleviate discomfort from breast weight. The nipple and areola complex if too large may be reduced in size and is shifted into a higher, perkier, more appropriate position. In most situations, the breast tissue directly behind the nipple and areolar complex is preserved in order to keep the blood flow intact (pedicled breast reduction) with a maximal chance for nipple sensation and future breast feeding. In cases where the breast is very large, the nipple and areolar complex is very low on the chest and a small breast size is desired, it may be recommended to remove the nipple and areolar complex and replace it as a skin graft (free nipple graft). Nipple grafts do not have sensation and do not have breast feeding potential.

Some breast reductions may be covered under your insurance plan. Most require documentation through your primary care provider of functional problem/symptoms for greater than one year with three months of failure of conservative therapy (muscle relaxants or ibuprofen related medications, chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, yeast rash prescription creams, or custom fitted wide strapped bras). Most require a specific amount of breast tissue to be removed from each breast based upon the womanís height and weight (see your insurance providerís medical policy guidelines for breast reduction for specific details.) Dr. Lu can estimate the amount of breast tissue that can be removed from your breasts at your initial consultation.

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