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Otoplasty (Prominent Ear)

Protruding or abnormally shaped ears may cause psychological trauma from the teasing of peers. Correction of protruding ears may occur at any time after age 5 as ears approach mature growth and if the child can voice their feelings. Protruding ears may result from a combination of factors, including inadequate folding of the ear back in the upper or middle 1/3 of the ears, overdevelopment of the concha or “bowl” of the ear which pushes the ear forwads, too obtuse or forward an angle at the junction of the bowl with the skull, or forward placement of the ear lobe. In most cases, an incision is hidden in the back of the ear and the ear is folded back and reshaped with precisely placed permanent sutures. If the concha or bowl is too large, an incision inside the bowl on the front of the ear may be necessary, however, it is placed as inconspicuously as possible. Wearing of a headband for several weeks afterwards is mandatory to avoid bending the ear forwards during healing.

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