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Drooping and creasing forehead skin and eyebrows may cause people to look angry, tired, or sad. Low eyebrow position may also cause the eyelid skin to fall over the eyes or eyelashes, causing difficulty with looking upwards or to the sides, or occasionally causing irritation from inward turning eyelashes. While there are a range of appropriate positions for eyebrows depending on gender and cultural influences, a desirable female eyebrow typically has its peak at the junction of the middle and lateral third and is located above the bony rim of the eye. A male eyebrow may be located slightly lower than this.

Brow lifts may be performed with removal of excess skin using one of several approaches: an incision just above the eyebrow hair, in the hairline above the forehead, or further back in the scalp hair. The minimally invasive endoscopic approach utilizes several smaller incisions in the hairline with a tiny camera and instruments and utilizes absorbable tacks or permanent screws/sutures to lift the forehead up without removal of skin. Both types of browlift will raise the eyebrows, opening and revitalizing the eye area.

Dr. Lu will discuss these options with you in your consultation and help you select the option best for you. Many people with aging skin may have drooping skin in both the forehead and eyelid areas and may require both a blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) and brow lift (forehead lift).

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