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Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation was the most popular plastic surgical procedure in 2008, with over 355,000 women in the US choosing to enhance their body contour for a variety of reasons. Some women seek to correct post pregnancy loss in breast volume, to increase breast firmness, to improve upper chest fullness, to balance breast size when there exists a significant difference in the sizes of two breasts, or to enlarge breast size should they feel that their breast size is too small.

Breast enlargement is accomplished by inserting either saline or silicone implants behind the breast tissue (subglandular), or behind the chest wall muscles (subpectoral). Dr. Lu will take into account your skin and breast tissue thickness, breast shape, rib cage dimensions and personal preferences when assisting you in choosing your implants.

Subpectoral vs Subglandurlar breast augmentation

Conditions that involve sagging of the breast tissue and skin or drooping of the nipple may require a breast lift (mastopexy) as an additional procedure to remove and tighten breast skin and reposition the nipple and areolar complex in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Dr. Lu will let you know if this is her recommendation during your consultation.

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